Burnham Resources Advises Employers to Report Payroll Information on Time

Burnham Resources, a recruitment and outplacement consultancy specialising in payroll jobs and payroll vacancies based in Egham, Surrey, has recently released an advisory to employers to report payroll information on time or they will be penalised by the HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC). The HMRC have stated that they were introducing new penalties for employers who report their payroll information late or inaccurately.

The details of the advisory are at http://www.burnhamresources.co.uk/reporting-payroll-information-time/.

Due to these changes and harsher penalties it is now even more important for employers to follow these complex regulations and provide the correct and up to date information each month. Burnham Resources advises employers to recruit the right payroll staff that will help ensure they get their payroll reporting on time.

About Burnham Resources:

Burnham Resources is a recruitment and outplacement consultancy specialising in payroll jobs, payroll staffing and payroll vacancies. They are based west of London near to Heathrow, it is an independent agency ideally placed at the hub of a network of contacts comprising of thousands of contractors and user clients. More information about Burnham Resources is available at www.burnhamresources.co.uk.